Writer’s Block

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There are several types of Writer’s Block. I’ve gone through all of them in the past year! Some last for a few hours that feel agonizing, while others last months or even years *shivers*. I’m going to discuss the ones I know about and how I got past them, or didn’t!


Number 1: No ideas

This can strike before or after you have started writing. For me it lasted nearly ten years. For ten years I…

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I am Not a Survivor


It’s my 28th birthday. And I’m contemplating writing a memoir. To do this, I need to face some hard truths about my childhood. Thinking about how open and honest Jeanette Walls was in Glass Castles, I wrote down the hardest part. It turned into a sort of poem. This is not easy to write, or read, but I’m sharing it in hopes that others identify with my truth.

TW: Trigger Warning for mentions of…

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